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Yoga practice for pregnant women from 12 weeks of gestation until the end of pregnancy.I invite you to share, to strengthen, to meet other moms, to sing if you like, and most of all, to feel andconnect with your baby.What we are looking for in this class is for the mom to have a little time for herself in a loving and safespace, to stretch and prepare her body for the day of her baby´s arrival, to relax, to enter into her innertemple.


We begin the class with a warm-up that combines stretching, cardiovascular exercises and integrativepostures. This is followed by kriya, which is an action that cleanses the mind, body or heart.From there I invite you to move on to relaxation and we close with a short meditation.


I am Alexia, mother of three treasures. I accompany you with all my heart in this unique journey that isgiving life.

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