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Yin Yasa

Anna Julia


Yinyasa: This class combines -the Yang side-  of vinyasa that revitalizes with fluidity  and alignment by activating rhythmic breathing with - the Yin side - which invites to deepen and stay in the postures in order to release the connective tissues and tune in with the sensations of the body. It is a class that challenges your limits and at the same time helps you find balance in your practice.

Restorative: Gentle and contemplative practice that calls for slowing down and immersing yourself inside your body. The uses of supports serve to be comfortably in the postures while your mind reaches a state of rest. That is where your body begins to recover vital energy and heal naturally.

Originally from Romania, Ana is a warm, loving and dedicated teacher. Certified in Vinyasa and Yinyoga. Maker of unique craft soft drinks.

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